Kids exploring a parkHere are some educational items, activities, worksheets, and resources that you and your family can explore while at the park! More are being added on a regular basis.


Life as a Tree - Did you know you can read the story of a tree's life? By looking at a tree's rings, you can figure out way more than just how old it is! Jessi and Squeaks are here to show you what to look for next time you're on a hike and find a tree stump.

Pennvernon Glassmaking Technique - Check out this detailed flow chart illustrating the Pennvernon "Ribbon of Glass" technique used to create plate glass at the former PPG factory located where the park is now.

The Tree of Life Labyrinth at Ariel-Foundation Park

Mammals you might see at the park

Rastin Tower/smokestack

National Park Foundation Virtual Tours/Visits

Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly and the Importance of Milkweed - Thanks to the Knox County Shade Tree Commission, lots of milkweed has been planted at Ariel-Foundation Park. This video helps outline its importance to butterflies, specifically the Monarch.

National Park Service Junior Explorers Programs - Programs for Cave Scientist, Let's Go Fishing, Paleontologist, Night Explorer, Sounds Explorer, and Underwater Explorer.



Ariel-Foundation Park Scavenger Hunt

Making an Acorn Whistle - Not only is this a fun skill to learn, it could be useful in an emergeny if you find yourself lost in the woods.

Tree Detective - What kind of tree branch is this? In this science worksheet, your child will follow the clues to determine which types of trees are shown (3rd/4th grade).

Find & Count Pond Creatures

"Leaf Man" by Lois Ehlert - collect leaves from the park and build your own leaf man or leaf creatures

Resources for Earth Day (April 22) activities

Coloring Pages

Photosynthesis - Introduce the concept of photosynthesis to your first grader with this simple coloring page. The picture diagram shows what happens when photosynthesis occurs. When your first grader finishes learning about the process, they can have fun coloring in the picture.

Daffodils - Celebrate the coming of spring and with a daffodil coloring page, complete with a diagram so your little blossom can learn the parts of a flower as she colors! Daffodils can be found throughout the park and along the banks of the Kokosing River near the historic viaduct.

Bugs! - Kids who love creepy, crawly things will truly enjoy this insect coloring page. Using their colorful imaginations, kids bring an ant, ladybug, dragonfly, plants, and more to life, exercising their fine motor skills as they color! They also get a glimpse of insects in their natural habitat.


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Park Info



 Ariel-Foundation Park, located in Mount Vernon, Ohio, is a 250-acre civic park that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors of all ages.

Visiting Hours

Ariel-Foundation Park is officially open April 1 through November 15. Some areas of the park are accessible to pedestrians year-round. Daily hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. There are no admissions or parking fees. The Rastin Observation Tower, park museum, picnic pavillions, trails and other park features are free and open to the public. The Rastin Observation Tower is open during winter months, as long as weather allows.

Contact Us

Foundation Park Conservancy
P.O. Box 644, Mount Vernon, OH 43050
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Mount Vernon City Parks Department
1700 Old Delaware Road, Mount Vernon, OH 43050
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